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Party Building

The party branch of Litian Wharf carried out a collective discussion on the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission"
Xing Jun, member of the Party Committee of the Haiqi Group and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, went to Litian Wharf to carry out the theme of "not forgetting the heart, remembering the mission"
Litian Wharf “Red Night School”, Lesson 20 of 2019, Lesson 8
Litian Wharf Party Branch launched a special report on the research results of the theme of "Do not forget the initial heart and keep in mind the mission"
Strengthening Party Building Work and "Welcome the July 1st" Party Member Activities
Provincial sasac leaders inspected our company guide work safety in production
We carry out dock styrene leakage protection, prevent fire accident emergency drill
Beautiful day school day - our company to carry out the concept of dupont ten safety training
Congratulations to li days in jiangsu petrochemical wharf co., LTD. Web site revision success
Our company cooperate with the port fire squadron in accident emergency drill
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