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About Litian

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Core advantages

Maintenance & Management System (MMS)
The equipment dynamic department is operating MMS system which can automatically arrange the operation plan management like emergency maintenance, daily maintenance, routine maintenance and preventive maintenance, and will give an alarm in time, to avoid the randomness of polling, and improve the perfectness and utilization of equipment, reduce the failure rate and maintain the company cost, ensure the optimized equipment consumption on the basis of business demand, and further improve the company’s economic benefits and market competitiveness


Safety management (HSE)
HSE means health, safety environment. Since 2009, the company has been widely started the work of building and implementing HSE management system, organized the risk analysis, and ensured the possible hazards and consequences caused by our own activities, actively and effectively adopted the precautions and control measures to prevent the happening, to reduce the possible injuries, property losses and environmental pollution, so that to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of the government about health, safety and environment, reduce accidents, guarantee the healthiness and safety of staffs, and improve the security management level on health, safety and environment of our company.

Tank valve safety inspection   Terminal fire monitor drill     Fire control work drill

Goods management (ERP)
1. Strengthening the flow control and security, sufficiently ensure the safety of signing unit goods
2. According to the different needs of customers to perform three different resold ways: cargo right transfer, general delivery right transfer, irrevocable B/L
3. Transaction is controlled layer by layer, fully guarantee the control of the related party transactions from the superior traders to the lower levels in trading
4. Data integration with customers and offer various delivery documents verification methods, to reduce the risk of both parties in trading
5. Provide the extension information services like website, data access, SMS notification and so on to speed up the reconciliation with the customers and traders reconciliation, and improve the service response speed

    Real time monitor         Tanker weighing         Weighman operation

Fixed value controller and filling riser Tanker loading on loading platform
  operation on shipping platform      


Quality management (Laboratory)

Laboratory: Co-build the chemistry laboratory with Shanghai Inspectorate Commodity Inspection Co., Ltd., with complete inspection equipment, to trace and check the goods quality during unloading and storing, to ensure the quality of goods, and meet the inspection requirement of normal chemicals and liquid chemicals at the mean time.

Chemical laboratory cooperated     Laboratory equipment        Test equipment
     with inspectorate          

     Test equipment        Laboratory equipment

4008 customer service hotline
Customers first, service first
Customer service hotline: 4008-810798

24-hour customer service hotline, to solve a series of problems for customers the first time, such as the contract terms, charge standard, financial settlement, sending and receiving of goods, shipping coordination, etc;
Customers’ satisfaction is the most important performance indicators of our company;
Through the remote network connection, the customers can query at any time, really make it convenient for the customers, and let the customers rest assured;

 Customer service center Invoice and settlement center Professional distribution Collection vehicle registration