About Litian

Become the most trustworthy logistic service provider in the liquid chemical industry.
About Litian

Address :Yanjiang Industrial Park, Ligang Town, Jiangyin City
Zip code :214444
The url:http://www.jsltpct.com

About us

  Litian P&C Terminal Co., Ltd. is a holding company of Jiangsu Overseas Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 219 million Yuan, the terminal covers a floor space of 240,000 square meters in Ligang Industrial Park in Jiangyin. Advantageous location allows us to boast 445 meters’ scarce coastline of the Yangtze River and enjoys easy access to land and water transportation. Presently the tank field has a storage capacity of 220,000 cubic meters. Now the dock has one liquid chemical berth of 20,000 tons and of 50,000 tons separately. Besides, three berths for chemical engineering of 500 tons are available nearby. The berths distant from the dock is 445 meters long and the berths near the dock is 234 meters long. The dock trestle is 296 meters long. Besides, the dock is equipped with seven oil transfer arms and multiple groups of flexible pipe. The designed annual trafficability totals 2.4 million tons. We have also introduced more modern warehousing facilities for storing special chemicals such as spheric tank, stainless steel and heat preservation tanks in an effort to meet the needs of more customers. Moreover, our company also has space of 120 mu. According to the planning of the third stage, an area of 500,000 square meters can be constructed which will enable our company to have more room of development in the future.

  Our company specializes in providing users with excellent storage and transportation service for liquid chemicals. Guided by the concept of developing an excellent company as upheld by the parent company, we plan our operation and carry out operation with good faith. On the strength of full-fledged management system, advanced storage and transportation facilities and efficient executive team, we are able to guarantee the quality and safety of the stored goods and make sure the customers’ interest are foremost. Green, environmental protection, health of staff, and fulfilling social responsibility are the code of conduct of Litian. Litian has been adhering to the objective of becoming a third-party logistics base for liquid chemical that is trusted by users and is able to offer all-round service.

Tank Yard Panorama of Litian Wharf

Operation Platform of Litian Wharf

Tank Yard Panorama of Litian Wharf