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Brief Introduction of HSE

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I. What is HSE
HSE is the abbreviation of Health, Safety and Environmental Management System, HSE Management System make entirety which organically composed by the elements of the implementation of the health, safety and environmental management like the organizations, responsibilities, methods, procedures and resources, and organically fuse together with an advanced, scientific and systematical operation mode, they connected to each other, interact with each other, and formed the dynamic management system.
II. Brief introduction of litian HSE
The safety and health of staffs is above everything
1. Employee occupational health examination
New hires orientation health examination
Employee dimission health examination
The serving employees occupational health examination once a year
Health examination institution: Jiangyin Centers for Disease Control and Jiangyin Hospital of TCM
2.Employee food health
Canteen has hygiene license, kitchen practitioners health certificate
Provide milk to the front-line operators all year round, and provide Green bean soup and salt soda in high temperature season
3. Occupational disease hazard evaluation
Have occupational disease hazard evaluation by the professional third party evaluation agency periodically
Safety First, Prevention Foremost, Comprehensive Approach
1.Employee safety protective equipment
Safety Helmet, Anti-static Work-wear, Safety Shoes, Goggles, Breathing Apparatus, Cloth Glove and Rubber Gloves
2.Employees safety education and training
New employees three levels of safety education: plant level, shop-floor and position (workshop section, shift-group) safety education
Four new educations: the education about new techniques, new materials, new equipment and new technology
Construction Unit Approach Safety Training
Fire Control Safety Training
3.Dangerous Operation Management
The accreditation and supervision of dangerous operation: hot work, climbing operation, confined space operation, ground-breaking operation, temporary electricity operation
4.Emergency plan exercise
Compile production safety accident emergency plan
Compile paroxysmal environment event emergency plan
The company stated to organize an accident emergency exercise every quarter
Organize special exercise with the government fire, ports, and maritime organization periodically
5.Safety culture construction
Fire fighting skills competition, safety knowledge contest, production skills competition organized by the Production Department
6.HSE behavioral observation
We advocate the green GDP of sustainable development
1.Waste Water Treatment:
The sanitary sewage during the production and operation, the initial phase warehouse area flushing rainwater, tanks washing wastewater, etc. will be treated by the company biochemical treatment system and emitted to sewage treatment plant after reaching the standard. The company built rain and sewage distribution system.
2.Waste Gas Treatment:
Sufficiently considering about the environmental influence of every warehousing step, our company selects high quality machine pumps and valves, almost wipeout the leakage of petroleum and chemical products during the transportation process; adopts internal floating roof and nitrogen seal in tank area to reduce the oil and gas volatilization; the outer wall of non-heat tanks are of insulation materials without toxin and pollution, to effectively isolate the infrared radiant heat in sunlight, lower the temperature of tank roof and walls, and reduce the evaporation of product.
3.Solid Waste Treatment:
The company produced solid wastes will be sent to the environmental protection department designated solid waste treatment qualified unit to treat. The domestic garbage will be temporary stored in specific place, cleared and transported regularly to the municipal sanitation department to have unified sanitary landfill treatment.
4.Noise Treatment:
Sufficiently considering about the environmental influence of the noise in every warehousing step, our company adopts the technical measures of selecting low noise pumps and valves, using vibration reduction foundation, rational distribution of warehousing area, and the warehousing area plants partly absorb and shield the noise, to make the noise caused by pump running meets the III Level Standard of GB12348-90 Standard of Noise at Boundary of Industrial Enterprises.

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