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Talent Concept

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a. Core Value
Honesty and integrity-Be responsible to the customer, the company, colleagues, family, ourselves and the society.
People oriented-Evaluate the employees’ performance and ability with the company standard and provide the employees good development opportunities.
b. Compensation and welfare
The company is committed to provide the employees competitive compensation and welfare, complete social insurance and good career development and training opportunities.
According to the national laws and regulations and relevant company regulations, the employees enjoy the holidays such as public holidays, legal holiday, annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, sick leave, funeral leave, etc.
According to the national regulation, the company pays the social endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance for the employees.
According to the national and local regulation, the company deposits the housing accumulation funds the employees.
The company buys personal accident commercial insurance for the employees.
The company provides rental subsidies to the employees from other provinces and cities.
The company provides free working lunch to the employees.
The company provides sweet birthday cake to the employees.
The company provides high temperature subsidy and items to the employees in proper time.
The company provides health examination, festival consolation money and dress allowance to the employees annually.
The company provides out-of-town development activities to the employees once a year.
The company provides comprehensive vocational training to the employees. “Litian Learning Day”

Address :Yanjiang Industrial Park, Ligang Town, Jiangyin City
Zip code :214444
The url:http://www.jsltpct.com

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