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About Litian

Become the most trustworthy logistic service provider in the liquid chemical industry. 

About Litian

Business scope

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Our business operation includes the storage, loading, unloading and transporting of liquid chemicals and petroleum products. Our bonded business can meet customers’ need on import, export and different modes of trading.
Types that can be stored and operated:
◆Dioctyl phthalate, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, butyl propionate, ethyl acrylate , butyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, acetic acid vinyl ester, sec-butyl acetate, and methyl acrylate;
◆Methyl alcohol, glycol, diglycol, isopropanol, 1,2-propylene glycol, n-butyl alcohol, 1-octanol, 2-octanol, isobutanol, ethyl alcohol, isooctanol, normal propyl alcohol and 1,4-butanediol;
◆Benzene, methylbenzene, paraxylene, xylene, ethylbenzene, o-xylene, m-xylene, phenol and styrene;
◆Crude oil, heavy oil, gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, solvent naphtha, fuel oil, base oil, pitch, high aromatic oil, conduction oil, carbon black oil and paraffin;
◆Chloroethylene, 1,3-butadiene, 1-butene, dicyclopentadiene and C4;
◆Btx aromatics, n-alkanes, mixed light hydrocarbons, naphtha, glycerinum, ethylene bottom oil, C5 fraction, C6 (main ingredient: n-hexane), isooctane, 1-nonylene, and commercial grease;
◆Chloride dimethylmethane, pentane and dichloroethane;
◆Acetone, cyclohexanone and butanone;
◆Sodium hydroxide, methyl ether, and MTBE;
◆Acetic acid, acetic anhydride;
◆Crylic acid, propionic acid and vitriol.

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Address :Yanjiang Industrial Park, Ligang Town, Jiangyin City
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The url:http://www.jsltpct.com