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Business Guide

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Customers Delivery Requirements
Customers have to make the seal (template provided by us) and B/L samples (introduction letter) for record in our company to place the order to pick up the goods. The placed B/L must be consistent with the record.
II. The placed B/L must be identified:
1. The warehouse, goods name, quantity (and indicated in both cases), collection vehicle or the full name of the next delivery take unit ;
2. There must be a Bill of Lading No, will be regarded as invalid bill if there’s repeat;
3. The period of validity shall be indicated in every order, if not, will be taken as long-term effective;
4. The seal on the B/L must be same with the seal on the outbound seal sample of our company’s seal record form.
III. The modification request for the placed B/L:
1.Can be manually modified on original B/L, but shall seal at the modified place and mark the date;
2.Can be modified by Notification Letter, mark the modified B/L No. And relevant content, and add the outbound seal.
IV. Customer B/L margin:
1. The B/L with separate unloading number, the margin will be automatically returned to the customer’s account after picking up; for the B/L with unloading number of milk run, after the period of validity, our company will call the customer, our warehouse will return the margin to the customer’s account with the permit;
2. For the B/L for picking up with the delivery order of next customer, if the margin is invalid, there shall be a written notice from the last customer to our warehouse, to be recovered;
V. Handle the cargo right transfer
The customer who’s handling the cargo right transfer shall use our specified cargo right transfer version, please contact the accounting center of our warehouse before handling the cargo right transfer, and contact number: +86-0510-86092969
VI. Handle Irrevocable (The customer shall own the cargo right or itself is an irrevocable B/L):
1. The B/L must be marked with "irrevocable";
2. There cannot be period of validity on the B/L;
3. The excessive costs and losses will be transferred to the next customers;
4. It’s necessary for the next customers to seal and confirm about the excessive costs and losses (may seal on the original B/L, or provide covering letter)

Address :Yanjiang Industrial Park, Ligang Town, Jiangyin City
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The url:http://www.jsltpct.com

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