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Finance Department General Ledger Accounting Position Competition Speech — Xu Xiaoling

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2017/06/02 00:00
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Reasons for competition:
     I joined the company on March 7, 2009, from the initial Ministry of Commerce to the settlement center to the current finance department. I have been working in the company for 8 years, including 6 years in the finance department, which is already an old employee of the company. It is. During these 8 years, with the help of the leaders' cultivation and colleagues, and with their continuous efforts, they have gradually grown into a qualified professional financial staff.
     When entering the company's internship, the company is just getting on the right track. From the Ministry of Commerce, where the hardware facilities are missing all manual billing, every day, it is exhausted by countless telephone calls, faxes, reminders, reconciliations, etc., but I am still very satisfied with my heart. I can learn so many things with such excellent leaders and colleagues. It is a kind of luck for myself.
     Later, the business part was established, a settlement center was established, and ERP was also established. At the beginning, it was nowhere to do the overtime work from the big data, to the establishment and normal operation of the entire department of the settlement center and received the approval of the customer. In this, I also have a hard work and sweat. And gradually grow into the backbone of the settlement center business, excellent employees, and full of enthusiasm for work.
     If it is said that the settlement center has achieved a small achievement, then the finance department can be said to start from scratch and return to zero. But the work in finance over the past few years has benefited me a lot, and I firmly believe what I want.
     At the beginning of the support and trust of the leaders and colleagues, I was responsible for the cost settlement of this position, and was recognized by the customer. This job also taught me how to communicate with people, and also learned tolerance, no longer so cynical, peace of mind. Later, it gradually involved the knowledge of the financial profession, and he also studied hard and obtained the certificate. I slowly found out that I really liked the job and wanted to make further breakthroughs in my finances and make myself more and more excellent.
     The company is not only my economic dependence, but also the pillar of my spirit. When faced with setbacks in life, it is the care of the company and the concern of colleagues, so that I can slowly get out of the predicament and be warm.
     I have been confused, confused, embarrassed, frustrated, and even tears on the road of my growth, but in the end I have survived in the predicament and have been working hard in a better direction. Now I really hope that I can have a better platform to train myself and continue to strengthen myself.
 This time, the company issued a post for general ledger accounting. I want to improve myself and continue to serve my favorite company.
There are three reasons for my competition:
1. I already have the comprehensive qualities and job requirements necessary to take up this position.
Second, I have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism; active thinking, can accept new things faster; be rigorous and able to unite with others.
Third, I believe that this is conducive to improving one's overall quality, comprehensively examining and developing oneself, and it is a challenge to oneself, stimulating the inner potential and laying a solid foundation for future careers.
I hope that the leadership can give me this opportunity. I will work hard and will not let down the expectations of everyone.
Li Bai!
                                                                                          Competitor: Xu Xiaoling
                                                                                          February 22, 2017
Working assumptions:
    The content of the general ledger accounting is simply that all the matters within the accounting scope need to be involved, and play a role of responsibility.
    The key to the general ledger accounting work is how to distribute the work content reasonably and effectively, and arrange appropriate accounting personnel to do the corresponding work. The duties are to guide, check, review and obtain relevant data according to the company system or post requirements, and then record it accordingly. General ledger accounting should focus on the production of vouchers and statements, data analysis and other matters, while other general accountants should focus on the specific process of accounting and data collection. Therefore, the general ledger accounting requirements will be higher than the average accountant.
First, the main work content
    1. Audit: Whether the cashier's cash and bank balances are in line with the accounts; the accuracy of the warehouse physical accounts and the accuracy of the inventory count table, ensuring the consistency of the accounts; reviewing the accuracy of the original documents and accounting documents; and regularly checking the company's current accounts Check the detailed accounts of accounts payable and accounts receivable; review the monthly cost and expense compliance and accuracy.
    2. Supervisory work: supervise the inventory work of the end of the month and the end of the year.
    3. Accounting: Responsible for the registration and verification of various fixed assets and intangible assets of the company, depreciation and amortization according to regulations, and establishment of ledgers; responsible for compiling and registering various ledgers, general ledgers and regular accounts; responsible for costs and expenses Class document review, preparation of accounting vouchers; responsible for organizing accounting materials, original documents and relevant economic data, and sorting them by month, binding, and filing as required.
    4. Tax treatment: VAT, income tax, stamp duty, etc., and related reporting work.
    5. Preparation of financial statements: responsible for preparing accounting statements and preparing detailed reports, and conducting financial report analysis.
    6. Data analysis: collect and allocate various management expenses according to departments, compile detailed schedules of various departments, analyze them; summary schedule of monthly cash flow expenditures, summarize and analyze various expenditures; monthly statistics on costs and expenses , for analysis.
    7. Improve the accounting system and optimize the accounting process.
    8. Responsible for guiding and arranging the daily work of other accountants, and completing other tasks arranged by the financial manager.
Second, the envisaged accounting general ledger position
    I think that general ledger accounting is no longer just an ordinary employee who listens to the leadership arrangement work. It is more about having the opinion and responsibility. It is a grassroots manager who can withstand certain pressures and bear the consequences. It also plays a leading role in assisting leadership management.
 As an excellent grassroots management, you need to do the following:
(1) Self-requirements
    1. First of all, the business ability is stronger than the average person, and the knowledge of mastering and understanding should be comprehensive. In the past six years of working in the finance department, from the settlement fee to the cashier position, to the accounting to the tax declaration, the familiarity with the internal work flow and position of the finance department is very well understood.
    2, the mind is positive, in the office to bring positive energy to other colleagues, do not have negative emotions, affecting their work.
    3, to have a certain psychological quality, to face problems before you calm down, you are confused, how can get the trust of other colleagues, become their dependence.
    4, diligent thinking, a manager who is not good at thinking, will only work step by step, there will be no progress and improvement, no innovation, and will eventually be eliminated.
    5, good at observation, be a caring person, observe the abnormal situation around, think about problems that may arise early, and do a good job of prevention.
    6, a tolerant mentality, enlightened thinking, do not entangle with the other party's mistakes.
    7, good at communication, effective communication can make things go smoothly, avoiding the conflict and saving time.
Working assumptions:
    8, have a time concept, can reasonably arrange their own time and improve work efficiency.
    9. Be brave and courageous. If you encounter difficulties, you must face up bravely, do not back down, and actively use your brain to solve the problem, instead of waiting for the problem to be solved by others, and let the problem become a legacy.
10. The work objectives will be set, and the clear work objectives are the motivation for orderly work.
(ii) Methods for management aspects
    1. Information flow: Grassroots managers mainly accept leadership needs and communicate and deploy tasks downwards. In this case, the understanding of information is very important. It is necessary to fully understand the needs of leaders and then communicate the completion of other personnel.
    2, communication: establish a good communication channel without any talk, let the colleagues' voices have the object of confession; can arrange a fixed time and place for a separate interview, which can be a work report, or a work or life content. The first time to grasp the emotions and ideas of colleagues.
    3. Appreciation: Do not blame others for their praise and affirmation. I always feel that the power of affirmation must be greater than the influence of negative influence. Your affirmation will make the other party want to develop in a better direction. But it can't be excessive.
    4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each colleague, and arrange the work according to the characteristics and needs of each person. Do not arbitrarily arrange the assignment tasks, put unsuitable people in unsuitable positions or work content, not only increase resentment, but also work inefficiency.
    5, understand the different needs of each colleague, although not able to meet all the needs, but you can meet the individual needs of each colleague through your own efforts, at least let everyone on the team feel that there is hope for leadership.
    6. Set the work goals so that everyone knows the expectations of the leaders for their work, and each strives to achieve their goals.
    7. Allow other colleagues to participate in decision-making, mobilize them to use their brains, think about problems, and give them full trust.
    8. Focus on team building, pay attention to and promote the growth of other colleagues, and continue to grow the team. You can share the latest knowledge you have and discuss it together. Encourage everyone to continue learning, create a competitive environment, and participate in training and research.
    9. The establishment of emotions, a working atmosphere full of friendship, will make everyone happy and work more positive. You can meet in private, participate in activities, discuss topics, and do your best to help colleagues.
10. Respect each person's opinions and ideas, give them sufficient space for them to handle affairs, but they need to pay attention and remind or guide them all the time. The ultimate goal is to let the things be completed effectively and let them fully participate in the event itself and grow. .
The above viewpoints are only observed and experienced in my own work in recent years. I always believe that a good manager is not born, but is gradually growing up in constant tempering, frustration, and revision. There are still many things to learn and experience on the management road, but I am ready. Accepting all the difficulties faced in the future, as well as the help of company leaders and colleagues, I believe that I can do the job and will do my best to do it.
Li Bai!
                                                                                     Competitor: Xu Xiaoling
                                                                                         February 22, 2017

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