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Use a fire extinguisher

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2015/05/25 00:00
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The importance of safety production links per minute per minute and the meticulous and safe handling of personal normalization are effective guarantees for safe production. Recently, the Ministry of Safety and Security has especially benefited from our fire fighting training. In a word, the use of this fire extinguisher is neither complicated nor simple. It is not complicated to say that it is because the security officer is not showing anything when he is demonstrating. Is it not difficult to pull the pin, hold the pipe, or press the handle? But the fire really came. As the flames turned up, the smoke floated up, and the temperature rose a lot. It was a bit nervous: "Get up the fire extinguisher, feel heavy, pull out the pin, how can you pull it out?" "The security officer reminded me next to it, don't press the pressure to pull it out, oh, it turns out." The dry powder spouted, and a white mist rushed up. The fire could not be seen, but after a while, the fire rose again. It seems that the sweeping shot is also required to practice constantly!
After this study, I deeply realized that it is simple to say something, but it is still not easy to do it well. It is necessary to do it yourself, and to train more in order to keep in mind the fire-fighting technical skills. Save yourself.
(Production Department: Hagiwara)

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