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Emergency Exercises

Our company carried out emergency rescue drills for dangerous goods accidents

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2014/10/30 00:00
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“Squad leader, squad leader, material leakage at the 1504# tank root valve, and the leakage is gradually increasing. Please arrange personnel for emergency rescue...” A quick shout broke through the tranquility of the Litian dock reservoir area, 2014 The third-quarter accident emergency rescue drill was kicked off. Unlike the past, the drill was silent and delayed until 14:00 on October 10, giving all employees an "unprecedented defense". .
This drill simulates the 1504# tank preparation test. After the construction personnel removes the tank root hose and the pneumatic valve flange connection bolt, when the carbon four material in the metal hose is emptied, the pneumatic pipeline and the gate valve are abnormal, resulting in the feed pipeline. The internal carbon four leaked; the personnel in the rescue disposal team immediately arrived for maintenance. During the maintenance process, one rescuer inadvertently inhaled too much carbon and four gases and was poisoned and comatose. The rescue team sent the comatose to the hospital for treatment; due to improper operation, it was accidentally triggered. In the case of fire, the security team is responsible for on-site vigilance and emergency evacuation of relevant personnel. The communication team is responsible for the communication and communication between the parties. Under the direction of the on-site emergency headquarters, the emergency teams are united, coordinated, and perform their respective emergency duties, and successfully completed within the scheduled time. The contents of the carbon four leakage disposal, fire fighting, emergency rescue of poisoned personnel, police notification, emergency evacuation of personnel and security alert.
Through the silent emergency drill, we will further improve our emergency response mechanism, improve the emergency response capability of all employees, ensure the safety of production, transportation and transportation in the autumn, and effectively maintain the safe production situation in the reservoir area.

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