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Provincial sasac leaders inspected our company guide work safety in production

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2013/08/05 15:37
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On July 12, 2013, wang ning, deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of jiangsu province group President hong-liang huang and related departments, head of a line to visit our company to carry out the inspection of production safety work. We ChengYaKun deputy general manager, production season Jiang Hao deputy general manager and general manager room accompanied by related personnel reception. Yellow President welcomed the arrival of a line, director of the king and thank you, director wang after inspect the site of the reservoir area and terminal production had listened to the report and further in the meeting room of our company in the safe production and continuous improvement. Mr Jiang Hao director, deputy general manager of the production safety of the season to make production safety report, then ChengYaKun deputy general manager of the development of the company to the king, director of a line are introduced
  After the briefing, director of the king of the various work of the division I said yes, and also points out the current state safety production general situation is serious, xi general secretary made & other; All development should be people-oriented, life first, put the safety of life of the people first, stick to can not at the expense of a man's life at the expense of the red & throughout; Important instructions, provincial government attaches great importance to, so the safety production inspection activities, its purpose is to responsible unit attaches great importance to production safety work, tightens this string of production safety, security to treat & other; Are treading on thin ice, terror throughout the &; The sense of crisis, to keep the safety in production the wake-up call. Director wang pointed out that the safe production and economic development is not a contradiction, for the enterprise, safety is the basic and guarantee for development; In the past there's not a problem doesn't mean all work is done, & other; If the security work does not reach the designated position, not an accident is an accident, an accident is inevitable & throughout; . Our company said it will resolutely to do a good job of production safety

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