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We carry out dock styrene leakage protection, prevent fire accident emergency drill


To carry out the superior about in 2013 the spirit of "safe production month" activities, improve the company's emergency rescue team organization, coordination ability, improve the ability of storage and transportation process defense dangerous situation, utmost ground to avoid and reduce the dangerous condition that causes harm, on June 27, we carry out dock styrene leakage protection, prevent fire accident emergency drill.


Each simulation simulation main pier no. 2 oil boom in styrene unloading process, because the oil boom ball valve at the bottom of the gasket damage lead to leak, in the process of maintenance, due to the improper operation, inadvertent fire; In the process of emergency rescue, clock Jiang Feng styrene and coma due to excessive inhalation. Practice in the process of emergency disposal and rescue group, network, security, logistics group five professional team work closely and collaborate closely, is completed in the scheduled time to rehearse content, to achieve the desired effect.


After the rehearsal, summarizes comments on company committee to exercise, think this practice effectively implement the group company to the requirement of work safety in production, improve the staff to material leakage and fire accidents emergency state emergency handling capacity, to strengthen the staff's production safety consciousness, in the process of practice, the problems exposed by the various professional team to make a rectification, timely complete the annual target provides a powerful guarantee for the company.


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