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Our company cooperate with the port fire squadron in accident emergency drill


To carry out 2013 "safety production month" activities at the same time, combining with the actual situation of the company safety management, on June 5, our company in conjunction with jiangyin port fire brigade, squadron held an accident emergency rescue drills.

Drilling simulation # 6310 jars of root valve material leakage and site staff organization site disposal, accidentally caught fire in the process of disposal, we immediately start the fire accident emergency plan, the situation of spray cooling tank fire, at the same time to the nearby 6309 #, 6307 #, 6308 #, 6309 # tank spray drencher corresponding protection measures are taken, because the fire is bigger, request the port fire squadron support, about 3 minutes, the port of 15 fire squadron sent three fire truck, fire officers and soldiers arrived on time, plugging success after 15 minutes, put out the fire, complete practice content, to achieve the desired effect.

The scene after the rehearsal, the port fire squadron and our emergency headquarters summarized review on exercise activity, certain results, points out that insufficient. At the same time, the two sides for the further construction of safety culture and safety of a joint cooperation in the future. Complete the annual target for the company to provide a powerful guarantee.


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